Blogging for me can be a bit like therapy, it is a place for me to get words and feelings out of my head and onto paper. Not all of those posts will make it as far as actually being published but being able to get it out and one paper, so to speak, gives me that peace. So what do you do when you hit writer’s block?

Sometimes I find I have so much to say, I just don’t know where to start and then other times I feel like I have nothing worth sharing. After blogging for so long I have found it easier to accept that it is ok to not be blogging every day, but when you first start out it feels like you should be blogging all the time.

If you have hit the wall of writer’s block, here are the top 3 tips I have to help you get out of the rut.

Embrace it –

This is my top tip and one that you may read and think this defeats the whole objective, however, stick with me on this one.

Talking from experience, it is hard to blog when your heart is not in it. Your blog should be an extension of you, a place for you to share your creative thoughts and writing. So by forcing the words to come out on paper, you are not going to have your heart in it.

If you are hitting that wall, take a step back and just appreciate all the work you have done on your blog already.

By embracing the break, you will come back to it with fresh eyes and a renewed appreciation for all the work that goes into making your blog.

3 Top tips to get out of a writer's block

Look for blogging prompts –

If you are unsure as to what you can write about, look out for prompts on things to give you a bit of inspiration on what to blog about. For example, at the moment there is something called Blogtober, which gives you a prompt daily to blog about. There is a number of links around for posts about meal plans and others too that come around.

Then there are things such as themes, Halloween, Christmas and other festivals and events throughout the year that you can theme your blog posts around.

I even find it useful to read blogs in a similar genre to my own for inspiration, for example on a parenting blog they may share their experience on their child moving school and it can inspire a post such as my own children starting high school. Look around for inspiration, just because someone has written about a topic in the past does not mean it is off the table for you to write about it, just share your own experiences.

Write a list –

One of the easiest topics to write about lists, your top 5 holiday destinations, days out, your dream home item, top Christmas picks and so many more.

Writing a list is a great way to get words onto paper and if you are already signed up to make money via affiliates, it creates the perfect post to add these in. This option works so well on all blogging niches too, so the options are pretty much endless really.

Although blogging can be rewarding, at times there are some tough points and I fear at this point it is when many people stop. Yet, if you can just take that step to get past the sticking point, there is so much it can offer for you and your readers over many years, just keep at it and you will see.

3 Top tips to get out of a writer's block