Everyone blogs for different reasons and what you want to achieve from a blog is down to you. When I started blogging 11 years ago I never thought about how it would evolve or how much it would have changed our lives. Nor did I think that still all this time on that I would still be blogging!

There are many people that I have spoken to in the past who have been surprised about blogging bringing in the life-changing things we do or even the fact that we earn some money from it.

So, if you have been in two minds about whether to start a blog, here are 4 reasons why you should start a blog.

Tell your story –

Blogging is a great place to share your story.

Now you may be thinking that you don’t have a story to tell but everyone does. Whether it is about your life journey, your parenting journey or about your job or health. There is so much for you to be able to share if you want to.

Me, I started blogging on my parenting blog as I found it therapeutic to share our life as a parent, it might not have been top of the writing but it was a way for me to share so people didn’t feel like they were alone. Getting your words out there in the public domain can be a little scary but you get so much from it.

4 Reasons why you should start a blog

Share your recipes and hacks –

Are you a great cook or maybe a DIY addict? Sharing these is a great theme for blog posts and it also is a great source of traffic too.

Don’t be put off if you feel that you can’t pull off the best pictures, to begin with, every blogger will tell you that they have evolved and developed over the years and photography is usually one of the places this starts.

Put that passion you have for food, DIY or home hacks on the page and share this with your readers and develop your niche that is all about your passion and hobby.

Experience things you might never have had a chance to do –

Blogging can open up so many doors and lots of people have the chance to experience things that they may never get the chance to do thanks to blogging. Over the years we have had so many opportunities to do things and review items that we may never have done without the blogs and I will be forever grateful for this.

This did not come overnight and it has taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are not but every second of the hard work was worth it. If you are thinking about blogging for the chance for reviews and opportunities, just make sure you remember that it can take a while to develop your blog and brand. It will come but you need to work for it.

4 Reasons why you should start a blog

Make some money –

For some people, making money from their blog is the main reason they start a blog and do you know what, that is absolutely fine.

There is still money to be made in blogging and social media regardless of what you may read. In fact, there are lots of full-time bloggers and social influencers and many more looking for that same goal.

How much money you can make from blogging can vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds every month and it can vary from month to month. It is not always easy and it can take a little work to get it to this point, for me it was almost 5 years before I even earned cash from a blog as it was not on my radar. It is now quicker to make money on a blog, especially when you have started to make contacts.

Whatever your reason may be to start a blog, don’t ever be put off by the work, it can bring you so much to your life and who knows, it may even change your life.

4 Reasons why you should start a blog

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