Sometimes, you just fall out of love with blogging and no matter what plans you have lined up, putting words on paper just does not work.

I have been through this so many times in all my years of blogging, that I have learnt to just roll with it however it can be a little daunting when you have first started blogging.

Whether you are blogging for a creative outlet or as a way of bringing in some income, it just feels a little strange when everything comes to a halt.

If this is what you are going through, here are some of my top tips for working through this tough period.

Take a step back

It may feel as though you should be blogging on a regular basis and making sure that you are working through whatever schedule you have planned but just take a step back.

Pushing through on a blog that you are not enjoying is not going to get you anywhere. Your best writing will always come when you are passionate about the topics you are writing about and the blog work that comes with it.

Taking a step back does not mean you have given up or failed. It just means you are taking time out to give your blog your best.

How to reignite the blogging fire

Remember why you started

Did you start a blog from a passion for food and the desire to share your favourite recipes or maybe to document your life in travel?

Either way, take time out to remind yourself why you started the blog. I always find that it is useful to take time out and read other blogs for a little inspiration. There are some amazing bloggers out there, whose work will help to inspire your to put your words on paper.

Finding that passion will make it so much easier to get the posts written.

Don’t get bogged down in posts

Sometimes I find that I struggle to get blog posts written when I have to write a sponsored post on a topic I am not passionate about. The downside to this is the fact that I then put off everything else that I have lined up, whilst I wait to write this post. It then goes on for a while and by the time I write the post, I do not feel like writing any other posts.

If this sounds like you, my simple tip is to just write the post! Set yourself a timer and just get the words out on the paper and get its out of the way. This way I can just get on to topics that I am more passionate about and find easier to write and share.

Take the pressure off yourself

When you start blogging and you give it your all, when you stop for whatever reason, you feel a huge sense of pressure to blog again.

Give yourself a break and take the pressure off yourself when it comes to the blog. It is ok not to be blogging daily/weekly/monthly etc, it is your space and you can do what you want.

There will always be people out there who will be telling you how, when and why to blog and you just need to block them out and work out what works best for you. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself will only make you feel like you need to blog, rather than want to blog. It is working out that balance that works for you to give you the passion to continue.

Blogging can be an amazing thing to do and you will find that you can achieve so much when you put your mind to it. However, making sure you do it for the right reasons will ensure the passion to continue going forward.

How to reignite the blogging fire

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