Question and answer blog posts are a great way to establish your expertise in a particular topic. This is also an excellent way for you to rank higher on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). In this post, we will discuss how to write question and answer style blog posts that have solid SEO.

What is a question and answer blog post?

A question-and-answer blog post is a type of blog post where the person who is asking the question answers it themselves. You can have a question-and-answer style article on anything from cooking to relationships to why you need SEO for your business!

These types of post are great to help build your credibility on a topic by showcasing your knowledge. It is also a really helpful style of post for someone learning about a subject. Plus they can easily be reformated into a YouTube video or social media posts.

How should I choose my questions?

You can look at the kind of questions that are asked when you search for the main term you are using. For example Main keyword – clean Instant Pot


  • How do you clean an Instant Pot?
  • Can you clean the Instant Pot inner in the dishwasher?
  • Can you submerge the Instant Pot lid?
  • How do I get grease out of my Instant Pot?

Two of these queries came from the People Also Ask section on the search results. This is a great place to find the questions you can answer in a blog post. You could make one big post here with various cleaning tips answered or a series of smaller posts on each question.

Another idea is to simply think back a few years of the kind of questions you had about your topic. Then write content based on them.

Creating an FAQ post

You can take this style of post further and create a FAQ-style section that goes into shorter details on a larger number of questions.

The answers are provided in the form of a list with each point being numbered or bullet points. This type of content is targeted at those who might not be familiar with the topic but want to learn more.

FAQ posts are often incorporated into sales and landing pages to answer common questions about a product or service. They help cut down on customer service queries for basic questions and help people feel more confident about their purchase.

How do you format a question-and-answer blog post?

The best way to format a question-and-answer blog post is by answering the question at the top of your post. You can use a list or paragraph format, and number each answer so it is easy to read for the reader.

Answer the question in a simple and direct form then go into more detail below this. Use smaller paragraphs to make the post easy to scan and use headings with the sub-questions or sections so people can easily navigate to where they need to be.

Use a table of contents plugin or WordPress block to also make an easy-to-navigate post. That way if people only want to know about a specific area or question on the topic, they can skip straight to it.

SEO tips for Q&A posts

When it comes to search engine optimization for this style of the blog post, you should include keywords in the question, and try to use something other than “I” as an answer. You can give your opinion but make a post about them.

Use good on-page basics including a strong meta description that pulls people’s attention in from the search results. Add images where you can to illustrate and if you can add step-by-step photos for tutorial-style Q&As, then that’s a good idea – don’t forget to use a description in the ALT text that features your main keyword.

An easy-to-write blog post option

Q&A posts are one of the easier styles of blog posts to write. Once you have a question in mind, you have a clear path to what you need to cover. Don’t be afraid to go into more detail or add relevant information and link to other posts that might help the person with their query.

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